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Visual Studio

MSVIDCTL (MS09-032) and the ATL vulnerability

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today we have released Security Advisory 973882 that describes vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Active Template Library (ATL), as well as security updates for Internet Explorer (MS09-034) and Visual Studio (MS09-035). The Visual Studio update addresses several vulnerabilities in the public versions of the ATL headers and libraries. The IE update contains two defense in depth mitigations to help prevent exploitation of the ATL vulnerabilities described in Security Advisory 973882 and MS09-035 (the IE updates contains additional security fixes that are not related to the ATL issue).

Overview of the out-of-band release

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today we released Security Advisory 973882 and with it, two out-of-band security bulletins. These updates are MS09-034 (an Internet Explorer update) and MS09-035 (a Visual Studio update). At this time _for customers who have applied _ MS09-032_ we are not aware of any “in the wild” exploits that leverage the vulnerabilities documented in 973882 and MS09-035_.