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MS08-049 : When kind of authentication is needed?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

MS08-049 is an update for the Windows Event System service to correct an authenticated elevation-of-privilege vulnerability. We received a question via email yesterday about the type of authentication needed to exploit CVE-2008-1456. Our security bulletin was a little ambiguous with one reference to “logon credentials” and another to “domain credentials”. The email question was from an IT security manager who wondered whether his hardened servers could be compromised remotely.

MS08-050 : Locking an ActiveX control to specific applications.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MS08-050 concerns an ActiveX control that can be maliciously scripted to leak out personal information such as email addresses. There appeared to be no need for the control to have this behaviour so giving it a Kill-Bit seemed the correct approach to take. During the extensive testing that each security update undergoes, however, it became apparent that the Kill-Bit wasn’t ideal as it partially broke the Remote Assistance application.

The Kill-Bit FAQ: Part 2 of 3

Thursday, February 07, 2008

It is very common for Microsoft security bulletins to include “Kill-Bits” to disable individual ActiveX controls / COM objects. Here is the second part of our three-part Kill-Bit FAQ. The Kill-Bit FAQ – Part 2 of 3 How do ActiveX Controls, OLE Controls, and COM Objects relate? An ActiveX control is an OLE control that is intended to be used inside a web browser.