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Month Archives: June 2024

Mitigating SSRF Vulnerabilities Impacting Azure Machine Learning

Monday, June 17, 2024

Summary On May 9, 2024, Microsoft successfully addressed multiple vulnerabilities within the Azure Machine Learning (AML) service, which were initially discovered by security research firms Wiz and Tenable. These vulnerabilities, which included Server-Side Request Forgeries (SSRF) and a path traversal vulnerability, posed potential risks for information exposure and service disruption via Denial-of-Service (DOS).

Improved Guidance for Azure Network Service Tags

Monday, June 03, 2024

Summary Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) was notified in January 2024 by our industry partner, Tenable Inc., about the potential for cross-tenant access to web resources using the service tags feature. Microsoft acknowledged that Tenable provided a valuable contribution to the Azure community by highlighting that it can be easily misunderstood how to use service tags and their intended purpose.