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Month Archives: September 2022

Customer Guidance for Reported Zero-day Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server

Friday, September 30, 2022

November 8, 2022 update - Microsoft released security updates for CVE-2022-41040 and CVE-2022-41082. We recommend that customers protect their organizations by applying the updates immediately to affected systems. The options described in the Mitigations section are no longer recommended. For more information, review the Exchange Team blog. Summary On November 8 Microsoft released security updates for two zero-day vulnerabilities affecting Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, Exchange Server 2016, and Exchange Server 2019.

Defense-in-Depth Updates for Azure Identity libraries and Azure Key Vault libraries within Azure SDK plus Best Practice Implementation Guidance

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Summary Today, Microsoft released new versions of the Azure Key Vault libraries and Azure Identity libraries as part of the Azure Software Development Kit (SDK) that includes defense-in-depth feature improvements. We also published best practice guidance to help protect applications and services that allow externally controlled input into the Azure Key Vault client URI for processing.

What’s the smallest variety of CHERI?

Tuesday, September 06, 2022

The Portmeirion project is a collaboration between Microsoft Research Cambridge, Microsoft Security Response Center, and Azure Silicon Engineering & Solutions. Over the past year, we have been exploring how to scale the key ideas from CHERI down to tiny cores on the scale of the cheapest microcontrollers. These cores are very different from the desktop and server-class processors that have been the focus of the Morello project.

Vulnerability Fixed in Azure Synapse Spark

Thursday, September 01, 2022

Summary Microsoft takes a proactive approach to continually probe our defenses, hunt for vulnerabilities, and seek new, innovative ways to protect our customers. Security researchers are an important part of this effort, and our collaborative partnership is critical in a world where cybersecurity attacks continue to grow in number and sophistication.