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BlueHat Seattle videos are online!

Were you unable to attend BlueHat Seattle, or wanted to see a session again? We have good news. If you have been waiting for the videos from BlueHat Seattle last month, the wait is over. All videos which the presenter authorized to be recorded are now online and available to anyone. We are also happy to announce that we have the videos of the Security Graph day-long workshop available.

The playlist for BlueHat Seattle 2019 is available on the MSRC YouTube channel. For a list of what is included, see the following tables.

October 23: Six Degrees of Mallory: Graph for Security workshop sessions

Opening remarks Ram Shankar Siva Kumar (Microsoft)
Keynote Sarah Fender (Microsoft)
Graphical Analysis for Security Gabe Bassett (Verizon)
Statistics, graphs, finding bad guys Joshua Neil (Microsoft)
Opinions were shared. Mistakes were made Jon Hawes (Photobox Group)
Intrusion Detection with Graphs Matt Swann (Microsoft)
Scaling graphical analysis Leo Meyerovich (Graphistry)
Grapl - a Graph platform for detection and response Colin O’Brien (self employed)
Finding your blast radius and your peers Sridhar Periyasamy (Microsoft)
Graphs in security Ian Hellen (Microsoft)

October 24: BlueHat sessions Day 1

Opening remarks Eric Doerr & Bharat Shah
Keynote Alex Stamos (Stanford University)
The good, the bad and the ugly of machine learning based approaches for ransomware detection Li Chen & Ravi Sahita (Intel Labs)
The cake is a lie! Uncovering the secret world of malware-like cheats in video games Santiago Pontiroli (Kaspersky)
Guarding against physical attacks: the Xbox One story Tony Chen (Microsoft)
Are we there yet? Why does application security take so long? Chris Eng (Veracode)
Kubernetes practical attack and defense Jay Beale (InGuardians)
Open Source Security: vulnerabilities never come alone Nico Waisman (GitHub)
Building secure machine learning pipelines : Security patterns and challenges Anamitra Dutta Majumdar & Anubhav Saini (LinkedIn)

October 25: BlueHat Sessions Day 2

Opening Remarks David Weston (Microsoft)
I’m in your cloud: A year of hacking Azure AD Dirk-jan Mollema (Fox-IT)
Autopsies of Recent DFIR Investigations John-Luke Peck (CI Security)
Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE. Elvis Collado (Exodus Intelligence)
Modern Binary Analysis with ILs Jordan Wiens & Peter LaFosse (Vector 35)
Closing Remarks Kymberlee Price (Microsoft)

Enjoy the videos! If you would like to be part of this lineup for BlueHat IL in February 2020, be sure to check out their CFP at

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