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Welcome to the second stage of BlueHat!

We’ve finished two incredible days of security trainings at the Living Computer Museum in Seattle. Now it’s time for the second part of BlueHat: the briefings at ShowBox SoDo. We’ve got a big day planned, so head on down.

Please join us for breakfast (we have doughnuts! and bacon! and cereal!) when the doors open at 8:30.

At 9:30, we’ll start the day with opening remarks from Bharat Shah, CVP of Cloud + AI Security Engineering, and Eric Doerr, GM of the Microsoft Security Response Center. Next, we’re happy to welcome Alex Stamos of Stanford University as our keynote speaker, with his thoughts on the intersection of privacy and propaganda at a time of .

The rest of the day, you’ll see our single track of sessions from both Microsoft and our industry partners. We’ll be exploring the threat vectors and proactive approaches to security that concern us most today, whether in machine learning, in gaming, in secure development practices, or in cloud security.

Time Speaker Session
10:40AM - 11:25AM Cristin Flynn Goodwin and Amy Hogan Burney (Microsoft) “I’m Calling My Lawyer!”: Helping Hunters and Analysts Fight Nation State and Advanced Actors
11:30AM - 12:15PM Li Chen and Ravi Sahita (Intel) The good, the bad and the ugly of machine learning based approaches for ransomware detection
1:15PM - 1:40PM Santiago Pontiroli (Kaspersky) he cake is a lie! Uncovering the secret world of malware-like cheats in video games
1:45PM - 2:30PM Tony Chen (Microsoft) Guarding Against Physical Attacks: The Xbox One Story
3:00PM - 3:25PM Chris Eng (Veracode) Are We There Yet: Why Does Application Security Take So Long?
3:30PM - 4:15PM Jay Beale (InGuardians) Kubernetes Practical Attack and Defense
4:20PM - 5:05PM Nico Waisman (GitHub) Open Source Security, vulnerabilities never come alone
5:10PM - 5:35PM Anamitra Dutta Majumdar and Anubhav Saini (LinkedIn) Building Secure Machine Learning Pipelines : Security Patterns and Challenges

We’ll have a break for lunch (served at the venue) and a 30-minute break in the afternoon. After our final session we will have a short break for fun and games before our Bytes of BlueHat reception 6PM-10PM at the Showbox SoDo.

Finally, please join us in supporting a food drive for Northwest Harvest SoDo, a local non-profit food bank! We will have a box at the ShowBox to accept donations of shelf-stable food and diapers.

It’s going to be an excellent day. Let’s get started!

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