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Month Archives: December 2018

December 2018 Security Update Release

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Today, we released a security update for Internet Explorer after receiving a report from Google about a new vulnerability being used in targeted attacks. Customers who have Windows Update enabled and have applied the latest security updates, are protected automatically. We encourage customers to turn on automatic updates. Microsoft would like to thank Google for their assistance.

First Steps in Hyper-V Research

Monday, December 10, 2018

Microsoft has put a lot of effort in Hyper-V security. Hyper-V, and the whole virtualization stack, runs at the core of many of our products: cloud computing, Windows Defender Application Guard, and technology built on top of Virtualization Based Security (VBS). Because Hyper-V is critical to so much of what we do, we want to encourage researchers to study it and tell us about the vulnerabilities they find: we even offer a $250K bounty for those who do.