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Month Archives: February 2013

Security Advisory 2755801 revised to address Adobe Flash Player issues (Feb. 26, 2013)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Today we revised Security Advisory 2755801 to address issues in Adobe Flash Player in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8. This advisory revision was released in conjunction with Adobe’s update process. Customers who have automatic updates enabled will not need to take any action because protections will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Recent Cyberattacks

Friday, February 22, 2013

As reported by Facebook and Apple, Microsoft can confirm that we also recently experienced a similar security intrusion. Consistent with our security response practices, we chose not to make a statement during the initial information gathering process. During our investigation, we found a small number of computers, including some in our Mac business unit, that were infected by malicious software using techniques similar to those documented by other organizations.

February 2013 Security Bulletin Webcast, Q&A, and Slide Deck

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Today we’re publishing the February 2013 Security Bulletin Webcast Questions & Answers page. We fielded 15 questions on various topics during the webcast, with specific bulletin questions focusing primarily on Microsoft Internet Explorer (MS13-009), VML (MS13-010) and the update for Microsoft Exchange in MS13-012. There were several questions during the webcast that we were unable to answer on air, and we have also answered those on the Q&A page.

Assessing risk for the February 2013 security updates

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Today we released twelve security bulletins addressing 57 CVE’s. Five of the bulletins have a maximum severity rating of Critical, and seven have a maximum severity rating of Important. We hope that the table below helps you prioritize the deployment of the updates appropriately for your environment. Bulletin Most likely attack vector Max Bulletin Severity Max Exploit-ability rating Likely first 30 days impact Platform mitigations and key notes MS13-010(VML) Victim browses to a malicious webpage.

Baseball, Bulletins and the February 2013 Release

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Before we discuss this month’s release, I wanted to briefly touch on the big event happening this week. No, I’m not talking about the romantically-themed holiday on Thursday. I’m talking about the start of spring training and the return of baseball. There are a few things I am very passionate about and those who know me, know how much I love baseball.