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Monthly Security Bulletin Webcast Q&A - January, 2010

Hosts: Dustin Childs, Security Program Manager

Jerry Bryant, Senior Security Program Manager Lead

Website: TechNet/security

Chat Topic: January 2010 Security Bulletins Date: Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Q: Will installing the latest version of Adobe Flash Player uninstall Adobe Flash Player 6, or am I required to use the removal tool first before installing? A: Installing the latest version of Adobe Flash Player will replace Adobe Flash Player 6. Some of the original Adobe Flash Player files will remain but removing these them is merely is not mandatory.

Q: Is there a way to determine if the files are in use for MS10-001? A: Please refer to the Knowledge Base article at for information to help determine which files are in use. The complete lists of Dlls that are updated by MS10-001 are listed in the knowledge base article

Q: Is there a method for combating SPAM other than just clicking junk, junk, junk, all the time?

A: If you are using Outlook, you can explore setting up rules that take action on an email based on a condition. For example, if the junk emails contain a common word or phrase in the subject line, you can have a rule that deletes these automatically.

Q: How can you tell if a computer had Adobe Flash Player 6 in the past? I don’t want to run the tool if it is not necessary.
A: The version numbers are a good way to determine what version of Adobe Flash Player is installed on your computer. Look for a binary titled flash6.ocx and if the version numbers starts with 6.0 then that version is an Adobe Flash 6.

Q: Can new Windows XP deployments be scripted to avoid installing the Adobe Flash Player 6 binaries A: New Windows XP deployments can use an image that has been through sysprep to avoid Adobe Flash Player 6 or to include a newer version of Adobe Flash Player in the image.

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